Mail2Ru Digital Citizen Dialogue Toolkit

Read below for suggested text and graphics to spread the word about Mail2Ru.

How to Use This Toolkit

Copy and paste any of the language below into a social media post or email. Feel free to edit to add your own voice!

Each social media graphic below has dimensions customized for each social media platform. Click the Download button to get the image you want to use.

Sample Tweets

1. Help the people of #Russia get access to independent news sources and blocked internet websites anonymously. Learn more at #Mail2Ru:

2. Stop the spread of disinformation by the #Kremlin! Help send messages to the people of #Russia about how to access independent news sites and learn the truth about the invasion of #Ukraine at #Mail2Ru:

3. Millions of people in #Russia don’t have access to independent news sources. They are subjected to the #Kremlin’s propaganda campaign about the invasion of #Ukraine. Learn how you can help give them the info they need in a matter of seconds at #Mail2Ru:

Sample Facebook/Instagram Posts

1. The Russian government has suppressed independent news sources and restricted access to the internet within its country. Millions of Russians are left in the dark about the true nature of why Russia invaded Ukraine and the scale of human lives lost.

You can help fight against the spread of disinformation by the Kremlin through a service called #Mail2Ru.

The service lets anybody send messages from their own email account to a batch of Russian email addresses. The emails successfully avoid spam filters because they come from a real email address (yours) and go to a small batch of recipients. All pre-populated messages are vetted and translated by the Mail2Ru team—with up-to-date information about VPN sites and reputable independent news sources—you only have to hit “Send.” Learn more here:

2. Millions of people in Russia have been in the dark about the war between Russia and Ukraine, with many independent news sites shut down and internet access is restricted by the Kremlin.

Help combat the spread of propaganda through a service called #Mail2Ru, which sends personal messages to Russian email addresses about how to access the open internet and independent news sites. It only takes a few seconds to send a message!

The project has been featured in the BBC, the Harvard Kennedy School, and Time Magazine.

Take a moment to learn more here:

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Sample Email

Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I am concerned by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both sides are losing lives over this senseless war.

The people of Russia have been isolated, and they have been subjected to a disinformation campaign by the Kremlin about why Russia and Ukraine are at war. Russia has also restricted their access to the internet, with many independent news sites blocked.

You can help get the people of Russia information about how to access the open internet and read independent news sites by using a free service called Mail2Ru!

Learn more here:

Mail2Ru has been featured by BBC, the Harvard Kennedy School, and Time Magazine.

How does it work?

You can send a pre-translated message to Russians directly in seconds by going to and clicking “Send Message.”

I hope you’ll join the thousands of volunteers from around the world in this effort to reach out to the people of Russia and give them the important information they need to see their government’s actions.


Your NAME.