Pop the Kremlin Propaganda Bubble

This service is built to send messages from your own email account to a batch of Russian email addresses. With the help of thousands of volunteers around the world, we are urging Russians to learn about the war in Ukraine and get access to independent news.

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About Us

Why Did We Start This Service?

I started this project due to my feelings of frustration and helplessness about Putin's bloody war in Ukraine. I also worried about ordinary Russians and the impact of sanctions on their lives. I started thinking about the many Russians I know. I called a few and asked what they thought. “We are peaceful and loving people at heart, like you,” they all replied. I asked why the support for Putin is so strong in Russia. I was told that the truth is suppressed. Access to independent news is largely blocked. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are all censored.

I had an idea. I wanted to send an email to people in Russia, directly from me to them, with a few tips for avoiding censorship so they can make up their own mind. If someone replied, I wanted to get that message personally. If I could get 1 person to read my message, then get real news and make up their own mind -- my mission would be complete. Friends helped me set up the service. We thought that if we could get 100 people to send 100 messages -- 10,000 people would get a message. If 100 read the message, and 10 learned the truth, we would have succeeded. At least we would have done something!

Little did I know that it after just 10 days 550,000 people would have sent over 60,000,000 messages. Many got blocked by mail filters, inactive accounts, etc. But still…WOW!

People from all over the world have lined up to contribute and help. Professors, students, technologists, journalists, parents, and grandmothers have volunteered their time, often many hours a day, to try to make a little impact to the world we all share.

I believe in people, and people's voices. Every one of us has a voice. And the right to express our beliefs. Together we can have an impact on the future of this war. If you agree that this service can make a tiiiiiiiny difference, please tell 1 friend about it. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. Or, just send a message to 100 Russians when you are waiting in line for coffee.

Maybe somebody will write back. Maybe you'll build a tiny bridge. Maybe one person in Russia will learn the truth about Putin's war but also that they have a friend in the West.

I believe that YOU can make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Fabian Falch

If you want to get in touch.
Please email me at:
Email:[email protected]

Get Involved

Ways You Can Help

Whether you're joining the thousands of people who have already sent these emails or you're contributing your own messages to start a dialogue, know that we really appreciate your help!

Send Messages

  • Press the "Open Email Client" button. Your email will open with subject and email body prefilled. Press Send and your contribution to peace and stability is done!
  • You may get some bounce-backs because as we get better they get better too. If you wish, you can make a list of failed email addresses and send them to [email protected]

Help spread the word about Mail2Ru.org!

  • Mail2Ru’s promotional toolkit includes suggested language for email and social media with graphics to help you let people know about the project.

Any Questions? Answered

This is a problem with Outlook. Use another email client or use Outlook on your phone.

We are doing our best to find active email addresses in Russia. But the system isn't perfect. Also, the more messages we send, the more likely they are to get intercepted. We are always cleaning out bad addresses and writing new messages.

We are sending unsolicited emails that are just landing in people's inboxes. They may take some risk in responding if their outgoing email is read by the Russian government, but they cannot be blamed for our email simply appearing in front of their eyes. Our hope is that even if people do not feel safe to respond, they are still reading our message.